Monday, October 25, 2010


htc Well, I think that’s more or less it!  I hope that you’ve found (and will continue to find – since I’ll leave the blog up) the reflections of a 30- and 40-something theology student helpful in some way.  If you are considering studying theology, especially later in life when family and church commitments can make things more difficult, may I recommend that you take time to look at Highland Theological College.  Take the trip up to Dingwall and visit, talk to the staff there about their excellent open learning facilities and how they can help you.  If you can get to move up close to Dingwall for the duration of your studies, even better.  If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me, as some have been doing.

HTC is a rare bird in the UK.  It’s a truly Reformed and evangelical college that sits within a wider university system in a similar way to the old divinity departments.  It has an amazing story and amazing staff.  If you want studying theology to be about studying theology (as opposed to just focussing on practical ministry or on a narrow tradition), then HTC has an excellent academic approach.  If you want Reformed to be as much about semper reformanda as about the rich history and heritage, this is the place.  It is a true community of faith and scholarship.  I have found studying there to be a truly uplifting and exciting experience.  I pray that HTC and the University of the Highlands and Islands both prosper and go from strength to strength.

I believe more than ever that the Church and individual Christians must return to theology.  It is what we believe, and why we believe it, that is at the heart of our faith.  God has spoken – we must listen and understand.  We must study, we must teach, we must be taught.  We must grow in wisdom and in the knowledge of God.  This is no stuffy or merely cerebral exercise; it is about faith, and the truth that sets us free.  For the revival of the Christian cause, for life in the Church, for the growth of the Kingdom of God in Britain today – advancement through theology.