Monday, March 01, 2010

Reflections on Greek Texts III

I'm quite a few months behind on my reflections on my course modules. Given that this blog is primarily about my experience studying theology at HTC, this is not good! So, over the next couple of days reflections will follow on my modules from semester 2 of year 3 - yes, I really have neglected it for that long!
First up, Greek Texts III. To get to Greek Texts III, you've already been through Greek Grammar I and II, and Greek Texts I and II. That's about 600 hours of Greek! So, with Greek skills more developed, Greek Texts III becomes an enjoyable journey through Acts 2, 2 Thess 2, Hebrews 6, Revelation 5, Psalm 41 LXX and selections from the Didache. Highlights include:
  • looking at citations of Psalms in Peter's sermon, comparing LXX and MT;
  • the relationship between repentance, baptism and forgiveness in the ministries of John and Jesus;
  • the meaning of Acts 2:39, always a bone of contention; the reference here to offspring is clear, and unless you abandon anchors in the Abrahamic covenant (therefore abandoning quite a bit of Paul, not least the all-important olive tree of Romans 11) then this message of Peter only leads to one conclusion;
  • discussions on the man of lawlessness and the parousia in 2 Thess 2; including Calvin's (I believe) view that the parousia would occur in Palestine;
  • more discussion on the warnings against apostasy in Hebrews; on this, I believe that Shepherd's idea of Observable Covenant Reality brings a much-needed emphasis in interpreting these passages;
  • Working in Psalm 41 LXX and the Didache was encouraging - here we are venturing outside the relative safety of the NT!
I will post some further reflections on Revelation 5, this being the text for our exegesis paper.