Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Final Semester at HTC

The final semester of my theology degree at HTC has just started. Modules for this semester are as follows:
  • Biblical Theology II The follow-up to Biblical Theology I (no surprise there), this module builds upon the methodologies studied previously and applies these to themes within the canon. So, during the semester we will discuss Marriage, the City, the Spirit and the Nations, developing biblical-theological approaches to analyses in each of these areas. All of this under the expert guidance of Dr Jamie Grant.

  • Reformed Apologetics My degree up to now has been dominated by Biblical Studies, Biblical Theology and the Languages. Nothing wrong with that! In this final semester, I will be bringing some systematics to the table in the form of two modules (reflecting my Gablerian conviction that Biblical Theology must form the basis for Systematic Theology). The first of these looks at Reformed approaches to apologetics. Dr Rob Shillaker teaches the module.

  • Reformed Theology Dr Rob Shillaker is also the tutor on this module, the second of my brace of systematics subjects. The module was written by Rev Professor Andrew McGowan, former principle of HTC, and addresses the development of Reformed theology up to the modern day. Along the way, we will analyse Westminster theology as a development of Calvin's thought, and bring things up to date with a consideration of current trends in semper reformanda, including the federal vision.

  • Dissertation As for last semester, 25% of my study time is to be spent writing my dissertation, the working title of which is 'The Heavens Opened: Intertextuality, Function and Meaning in John 1.51.'
So, it's head down for the next 14-ish weeks!