Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spirit of the Hills

Well, the exams have come and gone; Christmas has passed; it's a new year, with the new impetus and hope that this time of year brings. The past few weeks have been pretty busy. Around 1500 miles in the car visiting family and friends; living out of a bag; sleeping in five different beds on five consecutive nights! So, I spent a day last week on the roof of Uist, in the quiet and solitude of a Hebridean summit. There may be higher hills than Beinn Mhor, but I doubt there's a vista to compare for many a long mile around.
...And so from the hills we return refreshed in body, in mind and in spirit, to grapple anew with life's problems. For a while we have lived simply, wisely and happily; we have made good friends; we have ventured well. The hills have taught us to be content in our faith and in the love of God who created them...
FS Smythe, The Spirit of the Hills (thanks Dad for that one)