Monday, January 25, 2010

Ridderbos and Bavinck on Rethinking Scripture

One of the key arguments of those at WTS who opposed Peter Enns was that the Westminster Standards had once for all defined sufficiently the doctrine of scripture. Of course, an extreme rigid confessionalism is the enemy of reformation - this point was powerfully made in the report of the Hermeneutics Field Committee.

Ridderbos, in Studies in Scripture and its Authority, writes:

When new light is cast on the Scripture, also through the investigations of historical science, the church has to rejoice, even though this may compel it at the same time to be ready to reconsider and redefine theological concepts related to Scripture, 35.

In his Reformed Dogmatics, Herman Bavinck writes (following a section dealing with discrepancies in the historiography of scripture and the use of citations) that:

On these points the dogma of Scripture is far from being fully developed and leaves room for many special studies, RD, I, 447.

Perhaps people like Enns are most obviously following the invitation of Ridderbos and Bavinck.