Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hanging by the Hare

I posted at the beginning of December on the Enns Documents (the documents relating to the disagreements amongst the WTS faculty over Enns' book, Inspiration and Incarnation). If you are interested in debates concerning the Doctrine of Scripture, then I would urge you again to read these documents.

Anyhow, my own reading of them was in preparation for a piece on the authority and inspiration of scripture. I'll post a few quotes relating to this topic over the next few days. To kick off, I deliberately reproduce this amusing verse (gleaned from Achtemeier) - the well-known piece of sarcastic doggerel from the nineteenth century prompted by debates over Leviticus 11:6 etc where the hare is described as chewing cud:
The bishops all have sworn to shed their blood
To prove 'tis true the hare doth chew the cud
O bishops, doctors, and divines, beware -
Weak is the faith that hangs upon a hare.

-Inspiration and Authority, 49.