Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dr Michael F Bird leaves HTC

Dr Michael F Bird taught his last lecture class at HTC on the afternoon of last Friday, 4 December - the final session of the 1 Corinthians (Greek Text) module. Mike will be missed by all at HTC, and not just at the teaching level. His prolific output has raised the profile of the college no end, and his enthusiasm for the NT has been infectious. I said goodbye to Mike and his lovely family last Friday evening; I returned back to the Outer Hebrides and they will return to Australia over the Christmas holiday. It has been a privilege to study under Mike's leadership and guidance, to worship with him in chapel and hear his chapel addresses, and to know him as a friend, a brother and fellow disciple of Christ. I hope I can witness to what he has passed on to me, in the service of the Church and to the glory of God. I'm sure I join all others at HTC in wishing Mike and his family every blessing and safe travels as they return to the land of the vegemite sandwich.

I leave you with the Bird, speaking about authors that have influenced him...

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Enns Documents

The controversy that followed in the wake of Peter Enns' book, Inspiration and Incarnation resulted in Enns' departure from the faculty at Westminister Theological Seminary under 'mutually agreeable terms'. Much has been written about Enns' book in many fora, often generating more heat than light (see for example the article in the Spring 2009 WTJ that concludes that Enns book 'undermines the whole doctrine of redemption').

Ad fontes is usually the best approach, so I would urge you, if you haven't already done so, to read the Enns documents (click on view as pdf), originally released in April 2008 , published by WTS on their site. Read the HTFC critique. Read the HFC report. Take your time and do it properly. Then you will come much nearer to an informed conclusion on what's been going on at WTS.