Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paul and Wisdom

In preparing for a recent set of sermons on Ephesians chapter 1, exploring the link between wisdom, maturity and knowledge of God's purposes (which is Paul's great concern), I came across some good stuff from Graeme Goldsworthy. Commenting on Ephesians 1:9-10, he writes:

Paul thus points to the intellectual content of the gospel as it reveals the ultimate plan of God. It shows us that this plan is much bigger than we may be used to thinking of it...here Paul put's forward what we might refer to as the cosmic dimension in salvation. That is to say, God's plan, which he revealed in Christ, is to bring the whole universe or cosmos to its proper goal in Christ...Paul's purpose is not to define wisdom but to describe God's ultimate purpose. Yet wisdom is closely related to the knowledge of this purpose. Goldsworthy Trilogy, 354
And again, he writes that wisdom for the Christian...
is not first and foremost a knowledge of how to perform good works, but of what God has really accomplished for us in Christ. 355