Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Emerging from Stasis

The blog has been in stasis for six weeks (stretching sporadic blogging to breaking point). I have not been, and here lieth the problem. During the last six weeks I have done many interesting and exciting things: a birthday (a significant birthday), some preaching, some climbing in my favourite, long-unvisited mountains, time with my family, a church planting conference, drinking coffee with friends, driving 2000 miles...and the studies of course. Blogging is sliding down my list of priorities - although I do have another blog for my family and close friends which I keep going. Perhaps two sporadic blogs equals one more regular blog...?

Some time back, I wrote a series of articles for Free Magazine about young people, technology, Christianity and culture. One of the key emphases was the importance of the real over the virtual - therefore I intend to keep my blogging sporadic, and my involvement in the real regular and frequent.