Monday, November 03, 2008

In Him we have Redemption

A week ago yesterday, I preached on Ephesians 1:7: in Him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins. A few days later I listened to this from Nicole Nordeman who, in my opinion, has some of the very best lyrics out there in the Kingdom...

We stutter and we stammer 'til You say us
A symphony of chaos 'til You play us
Phrases on the pages of unknown
'Til You read us into poetry and prose

We are kept and we are captive 'til You free us
Vaguely unimagined 'til You dream us
Aimlessly unguided 'til You lead us home
By Your voice, we speak
By Your strength, no longer weak
By Your wounds we are healed

Passed over and passed by until You claim us
Orphaned and abandoned 'til You name us
Hidden, undisclosed 'til You expose our hearts
By Your death we live
It is by Your gift that we might give
By Your wounds we are healed

What kind of love would take your shame
And spill His blood for you
And save us by His wounds?