Monday, November 17, 2008


It's that time of year again: the great Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting is about to kick off again, this time in Providence, Rhode Island (that's a Rhode Island beach on the right - looks a bit like South Uist!). Scanning through the program for non-US papers, there are a few contributed from German institutions, one from Hungary, one from Trinity in Bristol, and a couple from the University of Wales. Scottish institutions come in with a good showing (2 Aberdeen, 5 St Andrews, 1 Edinburgh), including 4 papers from Highland Theological College...Scotland is surely the UK Home of Evangelical Theology! There are many, I'm sure, who would argue with that!

Anyway, the papers being presented by HTC staff and students are as follows:

Dr Michael Bird
The Role of 'Canon' in New Testament Theology
(Biblical Theology Program Unit)

Dr Michael Bird
What if Luther had read the Dead Sea Scrolls? The Challenge of Historicizing Reformed Theology: Galatians as a Test Case

Dr Innes Visagie
Is the Story Character of Reading Reality Leveling the Playground between Science and Theology?

Ian Maddock
Free Grace versus Free Grace: John Wesley, George Whitfield, and the Nature of the Gospel
(Issues in Systematic Theology)