Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wired to God V

The final article in the Wired to God series for Free magazine has been published in the August/September issue. I've written the series with the help of Aled Elias, a teacher from Cardiff. The series explores technology - its benefits and dangers - from the viewpoint of Christian young people. The first four articles looked at ipods, bebo, phones and gaming and were written in the style of young people speaking in the first person. The final article sums up the series and is written from my perspective. It deals with the view that technology is a bad thing (a view present amongst some older people) under the heading technology is not evil - but it can do evil and then sets out five to survive - five principles for guidance in the world of technology, with these headings:
  • no other gods
  • the best, not the worst
  • real people really matter
  • do the right thing
  • Christian counter culture
The article ends with a recognition that many churches are not effectively addressing the real ethical and moral dilemmas that face young people, many of which involve technology and its use....
So, that's it. Are you Wired to God? In Jesus Christ you can be rewired and get the power of Real Life from God flowing into you. It's like being a new person. Actually, it is being a new person!

These articles have been about how Wired-to-God people interact with technology. What's clear is that a lot of older Christians, probably including your parents and even your minister, don't understand the issues that face Christian young people because of technology in the 21st century. So, you have a part to play now...You could help them think through the moral dilemmas that you face - so that they can help you witness to the truth in your world. They need to see and understand the difficult questions you face. The issues are only going to grow, as more and more people have 24-7 access to the internet and to virtual lives. So, the Church needs you!