Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Lord Our Shepherd

Today was the first day of the new year at HTC; for me, the first day of Year 3.

Worship this morning was led by our Principal, Rev Andrew McGowan. Andrew, along with Hector Morrison, is one of the fathers of the college; I suppose that his being Principal makes him the father of this community of Faith and Scholarship. He spoke from Psalm 23, reminding us of God's faithfulness to us, even in the extremities of our experience: the valley of deep darkness. His words drew on his own experiences of life and ministry and were heartfelt and moving. Andrew also quoted from a Free Church father: Douglas MacMillan. He read Douglas' account in The Lord Our Shepherd of a conversation with his own father the morning before he died, pointing to the grace that was very real in that situation, overcoming the fear of death.
It was a fitting address; the college father speaking to the college family at the start of a new year - reminding us of our Faithful Shepherd God and our need of his grace for our lives of discipleship, and our own shepherd ministries.