Thursday, September 18, 2008

Greek and Hebrew Vocab

Trying to keep your Greek and Hebrew vocabulary up to scratch is a task that tends to work its way down close to the bottom of the To Do List. If you spend time with your PC each day, then the Teknia Flashworks program is an easy way to call up the vocab and give a quick run through. It's on incarnation 4.2 and comes with vocab databases keyed to Zondervan's grammars by Mounce and Pratico and van Pelt. If you're using these, even better. If not, not to worry, you can select vocab on frequency to create managable chunks. I started using Flashworks for Greek and then also for Hebrew, after creating a Teknia database keyed to Ross' grammar.

In preparation for getting back into exegesis from Greek and Hebrew, I've just started using PDA Scholar - vocab practice anywhere! It's freeware and runs on Palm or Pocket PC. It comes with vocabs again keyed to the Zondervan grammars, but also with all NT words and with LXX words over 100 occurences. Quizzes can be created using Boolean expressions on word-type, frequency, etc. So, pretty useful. The most useful free thing I've seen for a while!