Monday, September 22, 2008

Anticipating a New Semester

At precisely the moment that this post publishes, I should be sleeping like a baby on the Lochmaddy to Uig ferry (via Tarbert), en route to HTC for the first week of semester. I believe (I have not proved it) that my journey to college is one of the most beautiful anywhere in the world (although this isn't hugely important whilst I'm asleep).

And they're off - another semester at HTC begins! This one I'm looking forward to: Dr Mike Bird (fresh from the publication of A Bird's Eye View of Paul and anticipating that of How Did Christianity Begin?) on Romans and Greek Texts; Dr Jamie Grant (who's currently working on a NIVAC volume on Psalms) on Wisdom Literature; and OT guru Rev Hector Morrison on Hebrew Texts. The Dream Team approach continues. There are no core modules for me in Year 3, so I can only blame myself for my choices. For completeness they are:

  • Wisdom Literature, Dr Jamie Grant. The key books for this one are Graham Goldsworthy's Gospel and Wisdom (which I have in the form of the Goldsworthy Trilogy); Daniel Estes' Handbook on the Wisdom Books and Psalms; and Lucas' Exploring the OT: Psalms and Wisdom.
  • Romans, Dr Mike Bird. This course is based on the ESV (just downloaded from Olivetree onto my Loox) rather than the UBS4. Key books here are Moo's commentary (my choice - the other was Schreiner's) and Reading Romans through the Centuries: from the Early Church to Karl Barth by Greenman and Larsen, which I'm looking forward to getting into.
  • Hebrew Texts I, Rev Hector Morrison. This course uses passages from Exodus (I'm fore-armed with Enns and Childs, but not forewarned as to which passages), Hosea and Ecclesiastes (I'll be using Longman's NICOT on this - bought from the very-helpful Manna Christian Bookshop in Wrecsam along with Child's Exodus commentary).
  • Greek Texts II, Dr Mike Bird. This is the follow on from last years module and we'll be continuing to use Mounces' A Graded Reader.
All of the above for the next 14 weeks...