Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Latest HTC Newsletter

A month away from the blog! When it comes to exams, needs must. Consequently, I'm a little late with this one....the latest HTC newsletter has been available for a while here. It gives news of, amongst other things...

  • Professor McGowan's Inaugural UHI Lecture: 'Is there a place for Theology in a Modern University?', which has passed! It was on 10 June, Eden Court, Inverness. I wasn't able to make it across unfortunately, but I heard it was good.
  • Dr Gerald Bray, John Murray Lecture: 'The Challenge and Promise of Biblical Interpretation Today', 4 June, Dingwall. Yep, this one's gone already too!
  • Visits to HTC by the Free Church and Church of Scotland Moderators - on the same day!
  • Visit to HTC of Dr John Franke, Professor of Theology, Biblical Seminary, Pennsylvania.
  • DMin Course: a heads up on this course, offered in partnership with RTS in the USA and designed to enhance the effectiveness of ministers and other full-time Christian workers.
  • MTh Reformed Theology: latest dates and course details.