Monday, April 14, 2008

Wired to God III: phone, sweet phone

The third article in the Wired to God series for Free, the Free Church's youth magazine, is carried in the latest edition. It's the dodgiest title yet. But, despite the dodgy title, hopefully it's a Christian perspective that's helpful for teenagers checking out the issues around the ownership and use of mobiles:
  • phones, consumerism and image
  • phones and interpersonal relationships
  • using phones for good
Cultural change has been so rapid since the war that many churches have struggled to adjust, carrying social and cultural baggage long after it has proved a huge hindrance to engaging young people and unchurched people with the message of Jesus. The Wired to God series (which I write with the help of Aled Elias) aims to bring Christian ethics into the world of young people, specifically through looking at personal technology, especially communications and entertainment technology, from a Christian perspective. The articles also attempts to incarnate the message in a form that's recognisable to teenagers.
Phones are becoming more and more a feature of modern life and also more and more useful as they take on functionality from traditional PDAs and therefore lend themselves to assisting the organisation of busy schedules - like in, say, ministry for example!
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