Saturday, April 05, 2008

Biblical Criticism and Peter Enns

I've been on holiday in Edinburgh and, whilst I was away, news has appeared on the WTS site about Peter Enns' suspension from his position in the WTS Faculty (effective from May). This is sad news. The faculty voted 12-8 in December last year to back Enns. Now the Board of Trustees has acted. Did someone say Norman Shepherd? My last post now seems somewhat ironic. Daniel Kirk has posted on this: audio of a Q and A from WTS (quality not great - try headphones) and also the minority report of those who voted against the suspension of Enns.
Mike Bird has a good post on this entitled The Enns of Biblical Studies in Reformed Circles - it's definitely worth reading. He also has a good follow up on Biblical Criticism and Confessionalism. I too am deeply disturbed about the seeming inability of some in the Reformed Church to deal with scripture from a historical point of view. The associated distrust of biblical theology depresses me. The news about Enns depresses me. The advice is, if you're exploring the doctrine of Scipture, keep your head down.