Monday, March 10, 2008

Language, Culture and Faith

Many moons ago, back in Wales, I stumbled across this article by Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh, entitled 'Creative Tensions: Personal Reflections of an Evangelical Christian and Gaelic Poet'. It appeared in an edition of SBET (and in those days you could get some SBET articles on the Rutherford House website).

Looking back, I can see that I am indebted to Scottish Theology. This article falls within that sentiment and when I first read it, it made a huge impact on me. At the time I read it, my Welsh was much better than the halting excuse-for-Welsh that I can manage now, but I have always carried with me questions on the relationships between language, culture, identity and faith. This article tackles these issues superbly and was a big influence in the ethos of the generation.NEXT young people's work when it started up back in Wales.

Plus, the author quotes from Orwell, Van Til, Sartre and Calvin. Do you need anymore incentive to read it!

Gach smuain a-chum ùmhlachd Chrìosd, 2 Corintianaich 10:5

Yn arwain pobl i fod yn ufudd i'r Meseia, 2 Corinthiad 10:5