Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HTC in Evangelical Magazine (of Wales)

In the latest (March 2008) edition of the Evangelical Magazine (of Wales), there's a double page article entitled 'An Astonishing Story'. It's been written by Mark Barnes, who is pastor of Bethel Independent Evangelical Church, Clydach. It retells the story of Highland Theological College, from its beginnings to the exciting developments of the present day. Even when you know the story, reading it again reminds you how phenomenal the development of HTC has been!

The Evangelical Theological College of Wales (Bryntirion - now WEST) gave advice and support to the fledgling college in 1994, including guidance on gaining accreditation from the University of Wales. Some 14 years on, HTC has over 150 students on Access, BA, DMin, MTh and PhD courses; 16 full-time staff including 5 full-time academics; and 5 further part-time academic staff. And the library has grown from 1,500 to more than 64,000 volumes.

It's great to read the story whoever you are, but especially when you are studying at HTC, working for the Kingdom in Scotland, having worked for that same kingdom in your homeland of Wales. There is both older and recent history of ecclesiastic connections between Wales and Scotland. And we are two nations sharing Presbyterianism as a significant feature of our history (although to different extents!). These connections are not only a part of the past but, I pray, a significant part of the future...