Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reflections on Greek Grammar II

The final Reflection on last semester. What can I say about Greek Grammar II? It's a bit like Greek Grammar I, only more so. You have lots of lovely things to learn about like participles, non-indicative verbs, periphrastics and mi verbs. You just get to thinking that the only way you'd fully understand these things is if you were one of them (which is an abstract concept if ever there was one). Or if you were a first century Greek speaker (but even then, you might not).

It's good to finish Mounce's Basic's of Biblical Greek and once again, I have to say I like Bill's style. And the CD-ROM stuff that comes with the book. Because he stays focussed on the task in hand, that is, teaching undergrads a working knowledge of Greek for translating, and because he's pretty relaxed in the way he does it, Mounce is the man.