Monday, February 25, 2008

New Semester means New Modules

2007 is past, the exams are finished, the Reflections are reflected upon and the new semester is under way (two weeks under way). Long live the New Modules (they will live for around 15 weeks - at least for me). And, for completeness, the new modules are:
  • Greek Texts I, taught by Dr Jamie Grant and using Mounce's A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek (which I actually have as an eBook as part of Zondervan's Greek and Hebrew Library 6.0 and so this semester will for me also be about evaluating eBooks for study);
  • Hebrew Grammar II, again taught by Dr Jamie Grant (who else?) and continuing with the 'village policeman'* approach of Ross's Introducing Biblical Hebrew;
  • Pauline Theology, taught by Dr Mike Bird (who else?) and reading Jimmy Dunn's Theology of Paul, Gorman's Apostle of the Crucified Lord and (of course) IVPs Dictionary of Paul and his Letters and (as my own supplementary choice) Ridderbos' Paul - An Outline of His Theology; and
  • Protestant Reformation, taught by Dr Nick Needham (who else?) and using his own book (deep breath) 2000 years of Christ's Power Part 3: Renaissance and Reformation along with Chadwick's The Reformation (Penguin History of the Church) and Hans Hillerbrand's The Protestant Reformation.
This is officially The Who Else? Dream Team of lecturers for subjects! Should be good...
*this is the way that Carson describes John Murray's (former NICNT)commentary on Romans in his Commentary Survey! Cheeky!