Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wired to God and Blogging Less

The blog's been quiet (i.e. silent) for weeks now, what with essay deadlines, Christmas preparations and holidays, but it's time to blog again. I'm currently writing a series of short articles for Free Magazine under the title Wired to God. The series looks at technology from a Christian point of view and is aimed at young people. The first article, iPod therefore iAm, tackled music players. All very benign you might think, but it's amazing how many issues converge around these things. I'm writing with the assistance of Aled Elias, a secondary teacher in Chepstow. We're trying a bit of an incarnational approach to the articles, writing them from the point of view of the target audience, with fictional characters. Anyway, you can read the article as part of the magazine pdf here.

Whilst writing the latest article on social networking (due to be published in the next issue), I convinced myself to blog less! Not that I blog much anyway, but lately I've been ditching the virtual and investing more in the real - hence the blog silence. Someone said 'hope is where your ass is' (they were American) and mine has been sat a bit more in front of flesh and blood people, and a bit less in front of the laptop.