Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hebrew Resources Keyed to Ross

If you, like me, think that any half-decent 21st century biblical language teaching grammar should make use of multimedia formats, then you, like me, might be disappointed by Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Ross (that's might in the sense of will). But, even when disappointed you have to be constructive. And so, with many, many heartfelt thanks to the people below, I can point you to a couple of audio and visual resources that'll help with the Hebrew and which are keyed to Ross.
Ross Audio Vocab Files
First up, audio files of the vocab from each of Ross' chapters, together with a couple of extra sound files on the alphabet and vowels. If like me, you remember better by hearing stuff, then these are worth their weight (an inappropriate idiom for virtual resources, but you know what I mean). Many thanks to Matt Postiff of Fellowship Bible Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Bob McCabe, whose blog pointed me there.
Ross Vocab Flashcards for Excel
Second up, an Excel-based vocab tester (same principle as Flashworks) where you can select by Ross chapter. Many thanks to Lionel Windsor of St Michael's, Wollongong, Australia.

If I come across further Ross-keyed resources, I'll post them up. If you know of any others, add a comment...By the New Year, I hope to have keyed my own Flashworks database for Ross' vocab.