Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Free Stuff from Zondervan

Just so you know, Zondervan are offering free stuff. This doesn't happen every day, but now is the acceptable time because they've recently set up their eZondervan store. This is a site dedicated to the purchase and downloading of electronic resources running under Pradis, their own electronic library system. Even if you don't run Pradis, you apparently get the latest Pradis 6.0 with your download. Anyway, as an enticement you can download $25-worth of free stuff. Highlights include (either free or almost free):
  • Groves-Wheeler Westminster Morphology
  • Various NIVAC volumes on the prophets, e.g Isaiah
  • Westcott and Hort commentaries
  • NID of the Christian Church
  • NID of Biblical Archaeology
  • Is there a meaning in this text?, Vanhoozer
  • Introduction to the NT, Carson and Moo
  • OT Introduction, Longman
  • and more!
If you want to be enticed, you can check it out at