Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We Thirst

This post comes direct from the College of Knowledge. This morning Dr Mike Bird took worship (at very short notice too) and spoke from John 4: 13-14. Here is my brief summary of his message...

The metaphor of thirst describes the human condition. Our search to quench the thirst that we feel can be motivated by a deep suspicion that this is not how the story is supposed to go - like Neo on The Matrix. When we pursue the quest of fulfilment outside of Jesus Christ, we end up seeking it either in power or pleasure; we end up with either fist or phallus, with Hitler or Hugh Heffner.

Jesus is the true water that we seek. Once we drink Jesus, we cease to thirst. But, like an addictive soda, we crave more. This ought to be the experience of Christians - wanting to drink daily of Jesus, the water of life who alone can quench a persons spiritual thirst. Even as Christians, we can subsitute the true water of Jesus with other things. We can subsitute Jesus with study about Jesus. We can substitute Jesus with a big, important ministry where lots is going on, but where Jesus is just presented as a frontman and there is little of the water of life behind that facade.

We thirsted. We drank. We need to still drink the water of life.