Wednesday, October 03, 2007

VanGemeren on Kingdom Counterculture

It's almost a week since I posted! The explanation is simple - I have plunged into the freezing waters of a new semester at HTC. You know, it takes a while for you to start breathing normally! Anyway, at times like this the hard-pressed blogger can turn to quoting someone else. How about these from Willem VanGemeren?

As a counterculture, God's people, motivated and mobilized by the Spirit of God, were called to establish his kingdom on earth. His revelation, internalized by the Spirit was to shatter the religious ways of the nations. Revelation cannot coexist with religion.
Interpreting the Prophetic Word, 24

These people (God's people) bring into concrete existence the kingdom of God by their witness as a counterculture, transformed by God's revelation, bound together by the Holy Spirit, and committed to promote righteousness, justice, love, fidelity and peace.
Interpreting the Prophetic Word, 226

I am now in the post-VanGemeren era of my life! I've really connected with his stuff: back in Wales during the pre-VanGemeren era, we tagged the generation.NEXT youth work as Biblical Counterculture for Young People; and the website I've just built has a section Reality not Religion....VanGemeren is speaking my language!

How about a definition of prophecy from LaSor to finish?

Prophecy is God's message to the present in the light of the ongoing redemptive
Old Testament Survey, 229