Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reflections on the Summer

I thought I owed it to the summer to reflect on it. After all, it was longer than the semesters I've already reflected on. What 'homebrewed modules' did I take over the summer?
  • Preaching: early in the summer I was preaching up in Lewis, in a Free Church congregation. I did a mini-series: four Lukan parables. Since then, I've also preached these sermons in a few other places (Free Church and Church of Scotland). It's getting to the point where my wife worries about the other woman in my life, who goes most places with me: the Persistent Widow. Anyway, I've started another mini-series to be preached in the two Uist Free Church congregations on the meaty part of Romans: the bit after the introduction, chapter 12 onwards.
  • Website: the website module involved building one for my home congregation. This is currently being evaluated by the Kirk Session (is there any other way?) before it goes live. When it does, I'll post on it. Just to say now that if you're thinking of building a website, try out Mr Site.
  • Uist Free Church: one of the highlights of the summer was our congregational anniversary, back in August. We were celebrating 10 years since our minister, Rev Iain MacAskill, came to South Uist as an evangelist. Over the weekend, 10 new people joined us. The work here in the Uists is hugely important to us as a family, so the summer was great for renewing vision, catching up with minutes (I'm Session Clerk twice) and other elder-stuff, visiting and preaching to my own people.
  • Conference: the Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference. I hope to make a conference or two a year whilst an undergrad, perhaps even making SBL/ETS one year.
  • Children: of course, I am a student and an elder, but I have more important jobs, such as father and husband. Whilst the children were off school, I was responsible for running holiday activities. We went bodyboarding, canoeing, fishing, camping and all manner of other things that are what growing up is about.
  • Reading: I didn't get as much reading done as I would have liked. However, in retrospect (considering a mountain of Kirk Session minutes etc that I also dispatched over the summer), I didn't do too bad. Homer, Neill and Wright, Beuchner and half of Dawkins' Delusion and Bird and Hillborn God and the Generations. The problem is that the half finished books will probably now peter out. But you never know.
  • Greek Revision: I actually did some! My first two Greek classes have confirmed that I probably should have done more!
So, the summer was productive and stimulating. It's a long time to be out of the studies, and it's taking a while to readjust to BA life. Slowly, it is happening.