Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Year, New Semester, New Modules

The new HTC semester starts Monday, so I'll be on the boat to Skye and in Dingwall by Monday afternoon for the start of Year 2 of my BA in Theology. This semester's modules will be:

  • Greek Grammar 2: continuing with Bill Mounce's excellent coursebook under the guidance of Dr Mike Bird, no less!
  • Hebrew Grammar 1: here we go with the right-to-left-stuff! Looking forward to this though, and to being able to read the Shema as originally given! This will be under the guidance of my distinguished principal Prof Andrew McGowan.
  • Person and Work of Christ: after breathing in the air of the hothouse that was the Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference on the Person of Christ, I'm looking forward to mixing it with Macleod, kenosis and all kinds of other people/stuff in this module, all under the guidance of Dr Rob Shillaker, who was also at Dogs. And who is Welsh (and hence in a league of his own).
  • Old Testament Prophecy: Hector Morrison will be continuing his excellent OT modules, with a little help from Willem VanGemeren (and others).

So, my next post will come from the College of Knowledge itself, God-willing, and it may, or may not, be a brief reflection on the summer that was (sitting here in a Force 8 gale, it's definitely 'was'!).