Monday, August 13, 2007

Reflections on Greek Grammar I

The last of my Reflections on the Semester Two modules...and not a moment too soon! What can you say about Learning Greek? What you mustn't say is 'It's all me' (I couldn't even bring myself to write it). You mustn't say it, but you do and you will. I've said it. Several times. It's so cliched, inevitable and rubbish, but you still say it - and you find it fairly amusing to boot. Shame, shame!

Learning Greek is just 'learning Greek'. I could tell you about the excellent book by Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek (the module uses the workbook and the textbook), which comes with an excellent CD-ROM that allows you to hear Mounce's own lectures on each chapter, practice your vocab with intelligent learning in the program to identify which words you're struggling with (21st Century answer to flashcards) and practice verb parsing - all on your laptop. Mounce's book seems excellent as far as method goes: Mounce has a paradigm-reducing approach which seeks to explain why, rather than rely on expanses of rote learning. Fewer paradigms means less memorisation. I could also tell you about the excellent teaching style of Dr Jamie Grant who teaches the module. But then it's just 'learning Greek'.
Here endeth the Reflections. There are still a few weeks till Year 2 starts. With school term about to start it's reading time. I hope to be spending some quality time with the books - including Mounce (well, the CD-ROM anyway!).