Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mac or PC Christian?

Faith Visuals have come up with a six-video series based on the Mac advertising campaign, entitled 'Christ Follower'. You can watch them on the Faith Visuals site here. They are well-produced, entertaining and cogent although at points a little disappointing (the 'I'm a big dork' bit in the first video is both creatively poor - ouch! - and also self-defeating). The really interesting thing about them is the reaction they've caused from Christians. In the videos the PC character is the Christian, the Mac is the Christ-Follower. The Christian wears his faith 'on his sleeve', wears his best suit on a Sunday, reads the AV, only listens to Christian music, has all the jargon, etc. The Christ-Follower is obviously less traditional. My own personal favourite is this one...
These videos are definitely provocative and I think we need to learn to deal with 'provocative' in a good way. The challenges faced by the church in mission to a post-modern culture are considerable and we need to discuss them without getting up tight. For me, the Emergent movement has credible insights to offer into mission and worship today. It's a shame that many cannot hear the word Emergent without going rant-nuts. Anyway, you can read an interesting article here on the purpose of the videos from Tom Greever of Faith Visual's perspective.
I use a PC by the way.