Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fuelled by Lavazza? Not Any More

The people who read VdT (who are they?) probably don't see my little footer: 'Fuelled by Lavazza'. Yes, Lavazza, espresso of kings. The only thing is that Lavazza has been a thorn in my flesh. Whilst all my ground coffee purchases are Fair Trade, my espresso beans have stubbonly remained Exploitative. Well, Black Gold is out and I have heard the call (again). Black gold is the film Fair Trade activists have been waiting for. Check out the site and the trailer and make sure you watch it...
REMARKABLE - A moving but scandalous story. Black Gold has extraordinary power, Daily Telegraph
I think of the heady days of the independent Atlantic Coffee House in Cardiff; talking to the proprieter about Fair Trade, sharing articles from the Guardian about exploitation of the poor by the big coffee companies, seeing the Fair Trade beans begin to appear on the shelves (...latte, Tart Proven├žale...leather sofas...ahh, the Atlantic Coffee House...). Anyway, then I moved to South Uist and my only hope was in buying an espresso machine. And that's when Lavazza seduced me. But, the affair is over. I've come home. A 1kg bag of Cafedirect Espresso beans is in the fridge. It's good stuff. If I can give up my Lavazza then all you Nescafe and Kenco instant drinkers can surely ditch that for Cafedirect's 5065? Seeking justice and loving your neighbour is what it's about.