Thursday, June 28, 2007

Parables for Point

Ok, Ok, so I'm not blogging much at the minute. I'm taking a rest before I blog my Reflections on Semester 2 of Year 1 at HTC. And I'm busy catching up on many procrastinations, as well as preparing sermons for my upcoming stint (and my family, who are stinting with me) at Point Free Church on the Eye Peninsula east of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. We are there for a week; I'm doing two Sundays in the pulpit and a midweek and so Reflections will not start to appear until the week after next. If they appear before then, someone has hacked into my blog. Why someone might do this is not immediately obvious...but then these things seldom are. I realise I could blog from my phone whilst there, but then blogs need to be put in their place as much as anything else in life. I'll be preaching four sermons on Lukan parables: the Mustard Seed and Yeast (the Kingdom), the Tower Builder and the Warring King (Discipleship), the Lost Son (God's Love and Forgiveness) and the Persistent Widow (Prayer).

May I leave you for now with a quote from Bock? Thanks...

In fact, discipleship requires renunciation of anything that comes before Jesus. The disciple who loses saltiness becomes useless and is tossed out. The disciple has a purpose in the world, but uselessness makes the disciple's role expendable and results in God's displeasure.

How horrible to be thrown away by God when one could have been used by him. So consider the cost and have the resolve of a disciple who fully pursues God. Luke's call is to hear the warning and respond with faithfulness.

Bock, Luke BECNT, 1283, 1293