Friday, May 18, 2007

The Image of God

We had two Systematics essays this semester: one on the Imago Dei and the other on Assurance. No controversy there then! I hope to reflect on my essays and second semester modules (Former Prophets, Jesus and the Gospels, Introduction to Systematics, Greek Grammar I) after the exams...pause whilst elation of final assignment submission is subsumed under growing realisation that exams are approaching...but before that I wanted to quote this excellent quote (some of which appeared in my essay) from Waltke's Genesis commentary (a former Book of the Moment no less). I quoted another excellent quote from Waltke before, but anyway, here's this one:
The image is not erased after the Fall, but continues seminally to every individual. However, after the Fall the first Adam (and all of humanity) can only partially fulfill the cultural mandate: procreating and subduing in sorrowful toil. Only Christ, the Second Adam, can completely fulfill the regent function of the image. The One who is uniquely the express image of God's person, the heavenly Son of Man and Rider of the Clouds, is the true Image, and so God's True King on earth. He brings salvation to fallen humanity. He completes perfectly humanity's twofold function.
Waltke, Genesis, 70