Saturday, May 12, 2007

How to Motivate Students in Class

This photo of Dr Mike Bird was taken shortly before seminars were due in the Jesus and the Gospels class at good ole HTC. And I can report that everyone turned up and presented without fail! You think I'm joking....?

You think right. But, check out the original post on the Pre-Christian Michael Bird here. It contains the immortal line:

From now I am only a soldier of Christ and I carry a NA27 instead of an M-60 - Amen!

As for me I've just bought my weapon of choice, a UBS4 and I'm learning how to use that safety on?! How about another Word-Weaponry allusion in the tradition of Paul:

Ah Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
Is it for nothing our chapels were christened
with Hebrew names? The Book rusts
in the empty pulpits above empty
pews, but the Word ticks inside
remorselessly as the bomb that is timed soon to go off.
Waiting, RS Thomas, in Welsh Airs, 1987