Thursday, May 03, 2007

Theology of Transport

No, I haven't been thinking about developing a Theology of Transport for the past two weeks! I've been shut in my study with Saul and David. But what (on earth) would it look like (said Theology of Transport)? Is transport part of the divine intention for man or is it solely a feature of a Fallen world? Transport is about the necessity of journeys, the necessity of work, about the fact that time and resources are limited. But then transport can bring people together, let us explore, experience, discover. Transport in a cursed world often becomes stressful, dangerous, polluting. However we choose to travel, how do we seek the Kingdom of God whilst we do it? The biggest challenge is to car drivers - the two ton metal box is unsurpassed at disconnecting us from other people as human beings. Driving with a Kingdom ethic? What does it look like? We are getting used to asking What Would Jesus Drive? But how about How Would Jesus Drive? Or Would Jesus Drive (Quite So Much)? Many sparsely-occupied cars converging on churches on Sundays (the day precursing (if that's a word) the New and Coming Kingdom, of all days) might not be the best expression of the hopes of the Kingdom. On the Lord's Day, perhaps we should ditch the car (six days shalt thou drive), share lifts (a communal journey of fellowship), walk or cycle? It may be possible!