Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The End of All Things

How about a nice quote from Wenham and Walton? At the end of their chapter on The Teaching and Aims of Jesus, they pick up some issues for today. Here's a good one...

Jesus' expectation that God would vindicate him is fulfilled in his resurrection and is yet to be fulfilled in the final renewal of creation at the End. The End of all things has barely featured in church history and Christian teaching and preaching, except at times of suffering and persecution. This lack calls for serious thought, for it suggests that Christian believers can easily become like the Sadducees, so comfortable in this world that they have no place in their thinking and living for its ultimate renewal at the End, and for understanding and living in the light of God's judgement to come on that day.
Exploring the NT, Vol 1, 185

If the church has preached about the End, it seems to me its overwhelming tendency has been to do so negatively, emphasising judgement and fear, rather than positively. I think Wenham and Walton have hit a nail, so to speak.