Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Psalm 10 and Uganda

Over the weekend I led the service at the church in Lochboisdale. A good guy called Stuart Watt was preaching - a challenging sermon on remaining in the vine from John 15. Friends were down from Lewis who are involved in raising money for the Heart for Uganda appeal - they had held a CD launch in Benbecula the night before to raise money for Dwelling Places, a work amongst Ugandan street children. So, in the service we prayed specifically for Uganda, the street children, the HIV problem, the oppression of the poor. Then we sang the closing verses of Psalm 10. The power and relevance of the Psalms never ceases to amaze me. When you tell people that you only sing psalms in church they often look a bit sorry for you. Don't! Could anything else have spoken more of God's justice and mercy to the street children of Uganda than the prayer of this psalm...I found it hard to sing because of the sheer power of the Divine Perspective and the Good News of God's Kingdom that it contains...

Arise, LORD God, lift up your hand
do not forget the poor
Why does the wicked say of God
'My conduct he'll ignore'?
But you, O God, do see such wrong
and you will bring redress
The victim puts his trust in you
you help the fatherless
LORD, break the wicked persons power
and call him to account
For all the evil which he thought
would never be found out
For you defend the fatherless
and those who are oppressed
So that from fear of mortal man
the helpless may have rest
Psalm 10: 12-15,18