Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good Monsters

I've just got hold of the latest album from Jars of Clay: Good Monsters. When it was reviewed in Third Way, the reviewer called JoC the cats-eyes of Christian Music (so middle of the road!). When I've heard their stuff in the past it hasn't done a lot for me. But this album is different: quirky, honest and lyrically thoughtful. Good Monsters is an excellent track about apathy to the evil in society and an unwillingness to make a difference: 'not all monsters are bad/but the one's that are good/never do what they could' and 'if good won't show its ugly face/evil won't you take your place?/nothing ever changes/by itself'. Cogent in the year when we're remembering William Wilberforce. The accusation that 'we are bored with all the things we know/we are forms of everything we love' strikes a chord and calls for renewed energy, commitment and radicalism in the kingdom. The video for Work (check it out on Youtube) is fantastic and reflects a really strong song - it owes a lot to Thom Yorke in the video for No Surprises. Listening to the song 'O my God' for the first time with the words in front of me left me speechless. It is a 'psalmic rant' in the words of the Third Way reviewer - but I'd say more of a powerful indictment of the indifference with which humanity treats God, with more than a hint of the third commandment about it. And...you get 9 other tracks too!