Monday, March 26, 2007

Generation Next

When I lived in the green valleys of Wales, I was involved in a group called generation.NEXT, a youth work now running meetings in the north and the south of Wales. One of the events we took part in was Pray for Wales, where we'd pray for, amongst other things, churches without ministers - there seemed to be quite a few. Although it's been great to see and hear of many of the vacancies being filled, it's not so great to realise that most of the time there's a game of musical pulpits (or musical ministers) going on: each time someone takes one of the ministers away (the older men retire, who can blame them), round and round they go, then when the music stops, oops, you might find you haven't got a minister. Older men retire, but where are the new leaders for a new generation?
If this bothers you, look up Generation Next - same name, different organisation. They've produced a report of a survey undertaken in 2005 and it makes interesting reading - they're backed by Affinity.
If it doesn't bother you, it should.