Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SoMT: Student of Mediocre Talent

When you're reading the big guns of the faith, struggling through the pages in preparation for the lecture, sometimes you can get to feel like a SoMT. So, it was good to read the following words from John Murray. I've posted them here for all us theo-SoMTs (and according to Murray there are a lot of us (sic)!). Let's feel a little better about ourselves!
The progressive correction and enrichment which theology undergoes is not the exclusive task of the great theologians. It often falls to the lot of students with mediocre talent to discover the oversights and correct the errors of the masters. In the orthodox tradition we may never forget that there is yet much land to be possessed, and this is both the encouragement and the challenge to students of the wonderful works of God...
John Murray, Collected Writings, V4 p9