Saturday, February 17, 2007

In Connversation with Harvie

I just came across, thanks to Daniel Kirk's blog (Sibboleth - Pronunciations that can get you killed), the blog Conn-versation, dedicated to continuing the legacy of Harvie Conn. I confess to not having read any Conn (woe is me, woe is me), but there's some cracking stuff on there....

The Christian is a new person, living in a new world. Living in the Spirit is not an evangelistic escape from history, but a participation in the new reality of history brought by the redemptive work of Christ and the applying work of the Holy Spirit.
For this reason the New Testament letters are filled with discussions of the spiritual life that interweave the heralding of the good news with topics like racial intolerance, the eating of foods used in pagan ceremonies, the position of women, family relationships, prostitution, homosexuality, the relief of poverty. To equate the spiritual with the nonphysical is completely unintelligible by New Testament standards. To isolate evangelism from the context of the world’s concerns emasculates the one and ignores the other.

Evangelism: Doing Justice and Preaching Grace, pp. 68-69.

If you have any kind of pipe, smoke some more of this. Conn was seriously into Biblical Theology by the looks of things - so that helps to explain the quality of his tobacco. Must read Conn, must read Conn, must read Conn....etc