Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fans of Biblical Theology, this one's for you

John Murray again (Highly Quotable Theologian of the Month) writing about Biblical Theology in the article 'Systematic Theology', originally published in '63 in the WTJ, but (since I don't have backcopies) thankfully reproduced in Collected Writings Vol 4:
...this specialized study of the Bible, so far from being inimical to the interests of systematic theology, is indispensable to the systematic theology that is faithful to the Bible. p15

And again, in case you missed it:

Biblical theology is indispensable to systematic theology. p16

Also, these are quite good:

...systematic theology will fail of its task to the extent to which it discards its rootage in biblical theology as properly conceived and developed. p19

...only when systematic theology is rooted in biblical theology does it exemplify its true function and achieve its purpose. p20