Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to the blog

It's over a month since I last blogged. I take comfort in this: it shows that I am not a blog-head. I live in the real world of flesh and blood people - hooray! Anyway, I'm back on the blog because I missed it - it's been torture, not blogging. Ah, I have longed for this moment...there's nothing like the smell of a new post being....created....mmmm. So, what's happened while I was in the real world? There was the final week of HTC lectures - a whole week at the college in Dingwall, which was great. The Christmas meal was fantastic: at a castle, loads of people there, santa hats all round (with Obelix pigtails, of course), good food and great conversation - perfect! The Friday post-lectures curry should also become a tradition - it's what we do best! Then, after the de-mob elation of finishing lectures came the awful realisation of essays and exams. Anyway, here I am on the eve of my second and final exam - NT Introduction - with all essays dispatched. In a few weeks it will be second semester! I'm planning a return to the blog over the next few days with: my reflections on Term One of The Course; how I've changed in theology since becoming a Free Kirker; theological reflections on Rambo (!) and looking forward to Term Two on The Course. Back to the revision...genre and interpretation of Revelation anyone?