Monday, December 11, 2006

Aggresive Secularism

Further to my previous post on how secularism is the real enemy of the Christian message, it was good to read Gordon Brown and John Sentamu's further contributions to the debate. This is how it was reported by Bible Society's Newswatch:

Gordon Brown has condemned some of the playgroups started as a result of his Sure Start programme for replacing Christmas with 'winter celebrations'. Speaking to a mixed faith audience in Wembley, he said 'children of all faiths in Britain will be looking forward to Christmas in a few weeks' time'. His comments came days after a survey found that 74 per cent of employers had banned Christmas decorations for fear of causing offence to other faiths. Meanwhile, the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, stepped up his attacks on 'aggressive secularists' for 'throwing out the crib at Christmas'. 'Aggressive secularists' were unfairly using the sensitivities of other faiths to advance their own narrow, anti-religious agenda, he claimed.
Sources: Daily Mail (8/12); Daily Telegraph (8/12)

On Radio 4s 'Any Questions' on Saturday last, the panel were united on identifying an 'aggressive secularism' and in opposing it. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause. Ken Clarke pinpointed its source: public sector, politically-correct beaurocrats. Does this mean that these beaurocrats are all aggresive secularists? It puzzles me how a panel and audience can so wholeheartedly reject this militant anti-Christian agenda, and all the while it is being actioned by democratically elected Councils.